Wednesday, May 6, 2009

White House Announces New Agency

The Obama Administration
(Reverend Wright, Nancy Pelosi, and Al Sharpton) have requested emergency funding of a new agency designed to patrol our shopping malls and fast food restaurants for the spreaders of this disease... teenage boys and girls
(non Hispanic and non Muslim) who are hanging out because their school was closed due to swine flu fears. President Obama is expected to approve necessary funding for the $100 million dollar program later today and made this statement...
"As America changes... so, we too... must CHANGE! HOPEfully this swine flu pandemic, caused by the Bush Administration and accelerated due to global warming, CAN and will be contained by this, Janet Napolitano, formed agency! My fellow nowproudtobe-Americans, I give you the office of Watch the Flu! Otherwise known as WTF?!"
When asked if President Obama would have our border with Mexico closed, he responded...
"WTF for?!".
(hat tip to Hammer for the inspiration of this BS)

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none said...

I can just see a bunch of slack jawed ACORN volunteers walking around with T-shirts that read
WTF in big black letters.