Thursday, May 28, 2009

North Korean News Exclusive

Dateline El Way, Koweefornia-
Great Reader KIM Jong IL's super Top Seaquit Norf Korean spy satellite has captured this image at Los Angeles InternNational Ex-LAX Airport. Shown is this foolish woman reporter...rumored to be Obama's Mother-in-Law...or Juanita Broaddrick...obviously doing the bidding of FLOX News! She is pictured above being dragged to a hangman's noose (seen upper right in photo). Nancy Pelosi ,who has gone green, joyfully reported to the Peoples Republic of California that... "There is not a hint of water-boarding to be found in this most-ethical of Presidential Administrations!" Hispanic human rights activist and Havana's own community organizer extraordinaire Fidel Castro ...agreeing with Nancy... said "Obama is da Man! Just like
Obama's USA...we waste no time in torturing anyone! Hasta la vista, bitch."


The_Kid said...

From the news story - She claimed to be a "Roman Catholic priestess"

- There is no such thing.

Then later she said that while the two men were carrying her off, "I was afraid you could see under my clothes," she said, her voice choking up.

- Not to worry Ms Lee, Eyes Averted.

pamibe said...

What the heck were they afraid of? That the 'priestess' [omg] would wave? Wankers.

USA_Admiral said...

There is a weirdness about everything Obama.