Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the News

According to one of my favorite blogs, The Jawa Report, a homegrown terror cell got busted. Read all about it HERE. So let's hear what some people in the news have to say about this...

Janet Napolitano- If only Obama could have only shaken hands with them in time. Sad. But on the other hand, they could be a group of taxpaying white conservative christian NRA military veterans!

Somali Pirate- Lucky bastards! They didn't have to deal with Navy SEALS like we did.

Sarah Palin- Give 'em to me. Alaskans know what to do.

Sean Hannity- I told you Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a mutha-f@#k'er!

John Edwards- You're not with the National Enquirer are you?

Big Bird- Why the hell you askin' me, asshole?

Nancy Pelosi-
Those liars in the CIA will try and take credit for this bust, but the true credit belongs to ME, and I did it all without water-boarding!

Simon (American Idol)- My opinion...overall? A very underwhelming performance by a bunch of foolish young Negro's.

John Kerry- I can't quite put my finger on it... but I'd say that those young African Americans were swift-boated by George W. Bush.


none said...

I bet you anything these guys were are on ACORN's payroll last November.

Teresa said...

Sounds about right for all concerned. ROFLMAO.

Anonymous said...


This is funny.

You forgot:

Joe Biden: Well, that was part of a secret operation where we, you know, just went right in there and had a plant, an informant kind of guy... and well, you know how that goes. He pretended to be one of them for a year and fed our guys at 555-555-1212 all the information and they listened in on the secret tapes from their room at the XYZ Arms Apartments in Schenectady and we used our contacts in the military to funnel some playdoh kind of C-4 explosives to them and... mmph! Hey! What-- guys, let me go! What do you need duct tape for-- Gosh shake....mmmph, mmmmph-btmp. Mmmpht.


Kid said...

PS - Joe Biden: "Dang folks, you wouldn't believe how cryptic those Nuclear code is... Listen to this - xRT87ggTxx00000000000009999fArT; Can you believe that ?"

Good stuff as usual JG.

pamibe said...

If only Obama could have only shaken hands with them in time.LOL! It's all gold, but that just struck a chord! ;)

USA_Admiral said...

Nicely done Gene!

Mad Nancy's one was great. I hate that bitch.

buffalodick said...

People of average intelligence+ unlimited power= Deep Kaka for America...

Vixen said...

Captain Kangaroo!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday Gene, sorry I haven't been around. And thanks for the mother's day card, it was awesome!

Enjoy your Memorial Weekend. God bless and remember them all.

That 1 Guy said...


Loved the Nazi Pelosi comment!