Friday, April 17, 2009

Prayers for SFC Kevin Dupont

Meanwhile somewhere on a cloud in heaven, the angels are checking in on Kevin and company...

Angel 1- Vitals stable?

Angel 2-...Check!

Angel 1- Grafts taking?

Angel 2-...Check!

Angel 1- People still praying for Kevin, his family, the medical staff, his fellow soldiers and their families too?

Angel 2- You're DAMNED right they are!!!

Angel 1- What did you say?!

Angel 2...Uhhh...I said...check.

Angel 1- Ya DAMN sure did!!! Good job!

Angel 1 & 2- Get well Kevin!


The rest of the story...
I found out about US Army Sergeant First Class Kevin Dupont HERE on BlackFive Dot Net. I'm asking all of you to kick in and take it up a notch (with prayer) for this man and his family. To leave a prayer or comment that will get to his family and to learn more go HERE. Burns are the worst and kevin has 3rd degree ones on 65% of his body. Pray for all our troops and their families too! That is all. JG ;)


Maeve said...

Praying and lighting the candles.
A few more glasses of wine and I just may even do a heathen dance for good measure.

USA_Admiral said...

Prayers on the way!

The_Kid said...

Damn Kevin.

Get well. Prayers.

JihadGene said...

Thanks looong time USA Ad, Kid, and Heathen Dancing Lady!!!