Friday, April 17, 2009

Father and Son Talk

I have a 13 year old son. His name is Ben. Listen in on us...

BEN-'re always using the "A" word (a$$hole) when talking about Democrats.

ME (DAD)- Yeah, I didn't really notice...but yeah...reckon you're right. So where you going with this, Son 'O Mine?

BEN- (suddenly a big smile appears on his face) Well, I guess that's why you never talk politics when we go to church, huh?

ME- (wearing a grin) Son, don't be a Democrat.

BEN- I'm telling MOM!

ME- You tell the head of the DNC that and I'll cut off your funds like a Democrat would do to missile defense!

(Ben understands what I said and begins to run)

BEN- Oh! I'm tellin' alright!!!

ME- Get back here MISTER! Who do you think you are?! Director of Homeland Security or something?!!!

Damn...I either raised a Somali pirate or a presidential candidate...gotta be more careful when FOX news is on. JG;)


Hammer said...

My son knows better than to tell on me. I control the allowance flow, the TV schedule, the internet access and the candy supply.

I'm a regular friggin dictator and if the kids don't want to work in the salt mines (yard work) they will obey great leader (me)

JihadGene said...

Yo! Hamm'a!

I'm rikes your style looong time!!!

Great Reader, KIM Jong IL
N. Korean Landscape Service

Maeve said...

When my son won't listen to Steve I always hear "Don't make me get your mother."

USA_Admiral said...

I agree with Hammer. I rule by dictatorship as well.

I control everything.

H2o said...

Control freaks... I'm joking. I also rule DD with a heavy thumb.

Anonymous said...

Pikers. I have teenage daughters. Now I understand why people sell teenage daughters to gypsies.

Poor gypsies.

My mom says just wait till they have children of their own.


buffalodick said...

I think of my self as a benevolent dictator...I'm sure my son's have a different description...

Oddybobo said...

I am the ruler of all that is good and evil at my house. . .I'm petitioning to be made Queen too . . . so if ya'll wanna sign . . .