Thursday, April 2, 2009

Obama Gifts Queen

Due to all the flack over the Queen of England's I-Pod present, President Barack Whose-Named Obama has given "The Queen" a new gift...


none said...

Without his crutch he is just another stuffed suit.

Anonymous said...

Hammer, He's awfully light on the stuffing.

Well, hey, at least the Ipod wasn't loaded up with 50 cent and Ludicrous.
Far as we know.

I gotta tell ya. I lived in England for 9 months. I absolutely guarantee you the English, who are educated, sophisticated, cultured, polite, Intelligent, and everything else the Obama's ain't - view this clown as the ignorant crude buffoon he is.

Though some do enjoy his socialism.

They'll be quite civilized to him, but after he left, it was probably like that scene in the Star Trek movie after the Klingon's left after the dinner party aboard the Enterprise.

Anonymous said...

Now this is fun.

Cool Cannon

pamibe said...

Ugh... it's like the Beverly Hillbillies in London.

Anonymous said...

Even he'd had a teleprompter, Bush still would have been a stuttering idiot.