Thursday, April 16, 2009

KIM Jong IL on Susan Roesgen

Meanwhile somewhere North of the DMZ in the "Land 'O the Morning Missile Launch" we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL, DickTator of Norf Korea, watching his favorite news program...

KIM- WOW! General Wang! Get over here!

WANG- Yes, your Greatness?

KIM- Check out this C.U.N.T.!

WANG- Great Reader, I am shocked! Are you looking at porn again?

KIM- Oh hell NO! I'm just watching CNN news reporter SUSAN ROESGEN on my Heathkit brack and white TV set.

WANG- But such language, Sir!

KIM- (Kim adjusting rabbit ears) What wanguage you tawkin about?

WANG- Cunt! I'm talking about the word "cunt", your Most Foul-Mouthed One.

KIM- Cunt is not bad word. Is ack-crow-nim.

WANG- An acronym, Sir?

KIM- Yoo gots it, Einstyme.

WANG- Sir, I'm no Einstein but cunt, Sir? You say CNN news reporter SUSAN ROESGEN is a CUNT, Sir?

KIM- Just rook at the bideo and tell me SUSAN ROESGEN is not a
Chicago Underhanded News Telecaster (C.U.N.T.)

WANG- Looking at the video, Sir.

KIM- What chew think now, General Wang?

WANG- Susan Roesgen's a cunt, alright.

KIM- Eggsackedlee! Now get me some Happy Jolly Time brand, butterlicious type, plop-corn, and put "Behind the Red Door" featuring Madame Albright, in the Sony Beta-Max.

WANG- Motion-Lotion, Sir?

KIM- You knows it!

WANG- (I hate my job)


USA_Admiral said...

There are a lot of very disturbing visuals in that last post. Thank you.

JihadGene said...

USA Ad- Sorry, BUTT someone had to take the DICK by the head and CHOKE THAT CHICKEN!

pamibe said...

I like the acronym. Or... Curiously Unintelligent News Team? ;)

JihadGene said...

Pam- Not curious.

joated said...

I couldn't watch this broad imitating a news person. Her attitude and demeanor make me think she was trying to become a martyr by antagonizing the people in the crowd. Those being accosted instead of interviewed showed remarkable constraint.

Susan Roesgen is most definitely a C.U.N.T. ...with a capital "C". She is also living proof that some times the wrong fetuses get aborted.

JihadGene said...

Right on joated!!!