Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baghdad Bob on Tea Party

Praise Allah, all you Fox News'd heathens! Baghdad Bob here to deliver the following information to your non-believing pig-like ears with skulls full of Rush Limbaugh mush! His Excellency, Barack Hussein Obama, has never heard of your foolish Tea Party! The proof is HERE. See? Obama knows nothing of it. Just as I have said. As John Galt is my witness, I tell you infidels the truth!


USA_Admiral said...


You should try to find a picture Robert "Bob" Gibbs and try the "Barack O Bob".

Maybe this one:

pamibe said...

The site's not loading for me, but I'll try later.

Never heard of them my Aunt Fanny.

The_Kid said...

Barak is unaware of the tea parties.

Hahaha. A friggin genius. An internet guru.. has never heard of the tea parties.

Make it stop... !