Monday, April 20, 2009

Are You Ready Kids?!

Captain: Are you FED up, kids?
Kids: Aye-yi-yi, Captain.
Captain: HE can't hear you...
Kids: AYE-YI-YI, Captain!
Captain: Oh! Who came from Chicago and lives in D.C. ?
Kids: Pelosi's OBAMA!
Captain: Community organized and teleprompt'd is he!
Kids: Bowler Obama!
Captain: If tea-bagging nonsense be something you wish...
Kids: MSM Obama!
Captain: Then learn Ye some Spanish... while shaking hands like a fish!
Kids: Viva OBAMA!
Captain: Ready?!
EveryBody: EL Pres-i-den-te! Magic Negro! Money for Ha-mas!
Captain: Middle Name.... Hus-sein! Hahahahaha.

(*hat tip to my son who had spongebob on the tube this AM and inspired me)


none said...



JihadGene said...

Hammer- Thanks! I laugh at my own work at times (a lot)...this was one.

Kid said...


The Sponge Leroy is great !

Anonymous said...

SpongeBob is smarter than Obama.

That was TOOOOOOOOO clever!



H2o said...


You need to come to our blog meet in July. Quite a few of your California neighbors will be there.

JihadGene said...

Kid- Yep!

deltaB- Thanks looong time!

Dear H2O,
Thanks el mucho for the invite but
Texas in July? My parents were Texans. I have fond memories of Texas (HUMID) weather in July, not to mention chiggers, scorpions, and fun stuff like that. No, I will stay here, poolside, and fight crime and communists... for truth, justice, and In 'n Out Burgers!

Evil Transport Lady said...

ROFL! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

pamibe said...

ROFL!! Priceless! Spongebob translates well to politics after all... ;-)

USA_Admiral said...

That was great on many levels.

G-Man said...

Clean Gene...You so funny!!

buffalodick said...

Right up there with Homey the Clown...

Anonymous said...

That's pretty terrible.

JihadGene said...

Deer Anonymoose Bitch-
No, It's actually pretty fuckin' true.

Have a nice day you gutless troll!