Sunday, February 22, 2009

JihadGene's Infamous To Do List

Man, I got sooo much to do. Let me see. I'll make a list...that's right!


1. MONDAY-Clean up the mess (leaves/branches, large and small) from the eucalyptus trees in back yard. Fill truck & trailer with it and haul off to the dump/green waste recycling center.
*Task completed by my Korean bro in law. I drove us to the dump.

2. TUESDAY-Grade a 10'x7' area at south entrance to house and fill with 2/3rd's of a yard of crushed rock for drainage due to heavy rainfall.
*Task completed by my Korean bro in law. I drove and got the crushed rock.

3. WEDNESDAY-Replace some old light fixtures with newer ones at home.
*Task completed by my Korean bro in law. I drove him to Lowes and got the new fixtures.

4. THURSDAY- Install new wireless doorbell on main entrance to house.
*Task completed by my Korean bro in law. I drove him to Orchard Supply Hardware and got the new made in China "jingle bells" doorbell.

5. SUNDAY- Go to church then return home and Play Xbox360 Call of Duty, Modern Warfare with Son.
*Enemy killed by JihadGene & Son! Thou shalt have to kick-ass sometimes! My B-In-Law went to Fresno with my wife and his elder sister to buy some more stuff and help stimulate the economy.

Note to self-
Man...I'm gonna miss the hell out of my B-In-Law when he leaves for South Korea in about another week. Too bad I had a new roof put on the house last year. I could have saved mucho dinero! I just hope the exterior paint on the house holds out until he returns for another visit. My TO DO LIST for his next visit should include each-and-every day of the week for HIS maximum enjoyment! He's my Bro In Law! I'll do it for him! Am I a great brother in law or what?! Maybe I can talk him into getting a California drivers license and that way he can drive himself next time to get all the stuff he needs for priming and painting.....hmmmm. Would be nice. I'm a skunk and a sloth...I know that. Guess I should throw my hat in the ring and run for Congress. JG out.


H2o said...

Can I borrow your MIL? I have some things that I need done around my house.

pamibe said...

Where can I get a Korean bro in law?! Would yours like to visit south Florida? ;)

JihadGene said...

H2O & Pam-
Should I maybe sub-contract them out for cash-money as I have a job and have to pay my taxes/bailout bucks?

bx19 said...

Guess bro in law really does need a cal drivers license, seems like you have been doing too much of the hard work. WTG!!!

JihadGene said...


Right on! I thought I was overworked by having to steer while breathing and all.
JG ;)