Friday, January 23, 2009

If You Habla Espanol

OOO those Kennedy's! Man, this is some fine work! No one hablas "PINCHE" Spanish like the Iowahawk! I'm laughing as I type this shit. If you need to bone up on dirty Spanish I can help you PENDEJOS! Go read... HERE!


Maeve said...

Nothing is funnier than hearing my friend Cass say "Pinche Puta" in her heavy Austrailan accent.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Arrriiiiba! Ondeleee Ondelleeee!

I am in the process of switching cell phone service, and I had to talk to a customer service person at the new company... At first I thought it was a deep voiced girl from Brazil, but by the end, I had decided it was a cuban man from Florida.

I slipped and said Thank you Sir at the end. Damn, I hope I was right.


PRH said...

Excellent Blog!

JihadGene said...

M- Cass sounds cool!!! Kim has a Korean cousin who resides in Sweden and speaks English with a Swedish's an absolute riot!

Db- I knew you'd like it what with you boning up on your Spanglish and all!

C_Bob I would have said thanks mucho and left it at that. Watch your cell phone bill closely in case some pendejo or pendeja (depending upon their sex)jacks you all-up looong time!

Pat- Thanks and thanks looong time for your service in Vietnam!!!