Saturday, January 24, 2009

Drink Wine or Blog?

It seems Parkway Rest Stop's Jimbo has chosen wine over blogging for now. So I have written this poem especially for him...knowing too, that he is scared shitless of alligators. Here's lookin' at you kid!


If I could have both...blogs and wine,

I’d drink my wines and blog mighty fine!

Why I might blog about some cat named KIM Jong IL,

Harry Reid,

or Benny Hill.

Yes, I drank that wine…and it tasted just fine.

Then my Doctor said,

“Keep it up… and it’s transplant time!”

“I’m lowering my cholesterol”, I told the Doc.

But he saw right thru me. What a crock!

I went home, drank a gallon of Matua Valley Innovator.

I guess it was at this point…

I began to see the gators!

Gators! Gators!! GATORS, GALORE!!!

They were heading for New Jersey…
The Garden State’s shore!

I tried to call Jimbo but he wasn’t there!

I e-mailed Jimbo but he just didn’t care!

I guess the wine must have numbed him…

or he just didn’t notice…

his waitress wearing a big toothy grin…

and a green…GREEN… bodice!

Jimbo is gone now…

He was consumed by a gator.

Gotta go blog now,

I’ll see you later!


Maeve said...

You sir are the master!
Love the picture too.

Teresa said...

You are brilliant. LOL.

Erica said...

Excellent -- two thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

I no ruv yoo long time for dat.

Anonymous said...

Positively Seussian in its brilliance!


Anonymous said...


Richmond said...

Heheheheheeee!!! :)