Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rearing Three Teenage Daughters Makes Me Nuts by DeltaBravo

*Respectful DissKramer (disclaimer)- I ripped this comment here from the infamous, DELTABRAVO!

On the Raising of Multiple Teenage Daughters-

I look at my three teenagers and I have to say I sometimes wipe away a tear now and then when I think of the years that have flown by, and the young women they are growing up to be. And I think "I went through 28.5 months of pregnancy and 3 total days of induced heavy labor for THIS?"

Geez! Was I an axe murderer in a former life or something? Why am I being punished?

I have pondered the eons of parents who have sold their teenage daughters to gypsies and human traffickers. I imagine the parents who sold their daughters probably felt a twinge of sympathy for the people leading their offspring away.

I think the US military has it all wrong. We should allow teenage girls to fight in the front lines of combat. Send them all. Every last one of those hostile little weapons of mass destruction.

(People tell me it gets better when they are 21 or so. I will not enjoy that day from my padded cell at some State Hospital.)


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Teresa said...

Daughters do get much better when they get into their 20's. Far earlier than sons do... I'm just sayin'...

Take it 10 seconds at a time. You can do anything for 10 seconds. *grin*