Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hackensack, N.J. has Solution for Problems with DPRK and Great Reader KIM Jong IL

Meanwhile it's another lazy Wednesday in The Land 'O the Morning Missile Launch,
Norf Korea, and we find Great Reader KIM Jong IL, back on the AL-GO invented, in-toe-net and World-Why-Webb ....

KIM- LOOK!! General Wang! Just ROOK!!

WANG- Yes, Great Web Surfer!
Good intel gleaned from unsuspecting blogger, ERICA.

KIM- Not plo-nounced AIR-ICK-CLAW! Say it!

WANG- Ericklaw!

KIM- Much betta! Now backs to bidness. Accordian to this article, food holds the power of negotiations and prossible friendship.

WANG- Friendship with the DPRK, Great War-Headed One?

KIM- Let's me defline friendship for you, Wang. Friendship (in the DPRK) is the stopping of pointing of wockets at others, the stoppage of makings of nuke wockets, and the stoppage of helping MOOSE-LIMBS (in the GAY BARS OF SYRIA and IRAN) acquire "said" wockets.

WANG- Why would we do that, Great Reader?

KIM- Two words. Barbecued Pork. Two moe words...CHEESE BLURGER! LOOK...

WANG- Make mine an In-'n-Out Burger!


Anonymous said...

Might be a new set of teeth in there for ya too, Kim-chee! (Should you ever need them, of course....)

Could hardening your enemies' arteries be classified as bio-warfare?


Erica said...

Jersey and North Korea...perfect together.