Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Barrack Who's-Named Obama Visits Veteran's Hospital. Michelle Obama Hauled Away by Security!

Meanwhile, somewhere in New Mexico, we find Barrack Who's-Named Obama and his wife Miracle-Whip, visiting a V.A. Hospital......

BARRACK- (to the press and public)
Yes, there is nothing better in this oppressive country of ours than visiting our veteran's I so revere, on this auspicious Memorial Day, a day in which I get to tell all living veterans thank you. I revere you. My wife, Mississippi, reveres you too! My former Pastor is a veteran! I could have been one too but, for the good of my Typical White Mom, I struggled through high school and got a diploma! I went on to college! Clearly I was meant for bigger things, and not to be a lowly guy with a rifle, swatting skeeters, in the middle of Fort Polk, La. Now, forward people! On to the veterans who will be given HOPE by my visit!

MICHELLE- (Sees a hospital security officer with badge)
Oh look Barry! See the man wearing the pointy star! That's a Jew, isn't it?! Don't you have a good Jew story for the press, Barry?

PRESS- (mumble, mumble) Jew story?

OBAMA- Well since it is Memorial Day and all, a day we honor all veterans.

PRESS- (mumble-mumble)

FOX NEWS GUY- But, Memorial day is to honor those who have died, while in uniform serving our country. Veterans Day is when we honor our veterans.

OBAMA- You've been brain washed by that Hannity fellow! I will CHANGE all of that. The military-industrial-machine has too many holidays as it is. When President, I will combine both holidays into one. November 11th can be Trans-Genderation Day!
Yes it can!

MICHELLE- Don't listen to that racist bastard! (People seem confused. Meanwhile the crowd is growing.) You assholes quit lookin' at Barrack! I'm talking about that FOX News Guy spreading his divisive lies against everyday, hard-workin', middle-class lawyer's, who are struggling folks like us!

OBAMA- (through his teeth)
That's nice, Dear. Calm down, Honey.

MICHELLE- Barry could'a got shot at a gas station while fillin' up his ride. Now I don't even worry about that, since Hillary has called out a HIT on him in June! Just like Bobby Kennedy! That BITCH! I'll get that pant-suited Hoe! You just wait and see! I got that Hootchie-Mamma Hillary's number! AND IT'S UP!!!

OBAMA- (watches as security hauls away Barrack's wife, Maytag)
Now let's see, where was I?

PRESS- Something about Jews.

OBAMA- Oh yes. My Uncle was a veteran, who in WWII personally liberated the Jews confined at Auschwitz. My Uncle corkscrewed in, under heavy sniper fire...I might add... and freed the remaining Jews not 15 minutes before the Russians showed up and stole all the credit. So, to all of you folks who are voting for me....Can you smell what OBAMA's cooking?


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