Monday, April 21, 2008

KIM Jong IL Ruv's American Politics Big Time!

It doan get any better than this Grass-hopper!

Ruv RAW and W.W.E. Looong Time!
Great Reader KIM JONG IL & JihadGene


Erica said...

Hil-Rod?? Feh, more like Hil-Beans, or Hil-Dung. I'm quite done with her and Obama's mugs being a part of my daily life. It's an assault on the senses already, dammit.

Anonymous said...

I heard that on the radio today and 'bout peed my britches... that I was standin' on.

Hill-Rod... That's close to what I call her. I hope she's droppin' some performance enhancing drugs, but, come to think of it, if she is, she needs to up the dosage 'bout 10 fold.

I know she's already got hair on her chest, well, not in a biblical sense of the knowledge way, but she was under sniper fire so she's probably got some on her balls.

Teresa said...

Whoa - y'all missed Nancy-boy Barak and his "do you smell what I'm cooking"... Good Grief!!! At least Hil-rod and McCain got into the moment and had some fun with it. Poor little Barak ain't got a clue. Geeze - and he wants to lead our country!!!! Gak!