Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great Reader KIM Jong IL Declares Favored Nation Status for US Territory SOMOA

DATELINE- KaeSong (a little norf of the DMZ)

Yes, it's OHFISHWALL! The WWE/RAW has won a special place in Great Reader KIM Jong IL's heart (if he had one), thanks in large part to the action of Americlan Somoa's own truly Native Son the Somoan Bulldozer UMAGA! See 4 minute Video of the match between B.O. and Hill-ree. Special "boxers or brief" appearance by Brill Clinton too! This is WWE/DPRK GOLD!
For UMAGA's actions "Great Wrestler KIM Jong IL" has decwared all wockets not to have pointy-ends pointed towards the Island of Somoa! Great Wrestler's merciless mercy's nose no bounds! All hail the DPRK's Great Reader and UMAGA!!!
(For best results see video when under the influence of Senator John McLame) RYLT!JG


Anonymous said...

I stwongwee disagwee! Fiji, Samoa, same Islands in the stream. You forgot Jimmy Superfly Snuka...

Check out your wiki...


then groogle maps driving directions from Fiji to Samoa. Groogle says it can't find driving directions. Stupid... I'm takin' a sail boat I wanted sailin' directions. Give yourself a woody(again today) and click the Satterite view. Lots of pretty brue that satterite picture.

The two countries were unified back in the 80's or 90's by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton when the sang the two countries national antem... Islands in the stream...

That 1 Guy said...

Now that there was fareakin' hilarious!

"I did not have illegal contact with that candidate!"