Sunday, March 30, 2008

How I Got Here by JihadGene

It started with listening to Hugh Hewitt on the radio. Hewitt (BIG THANKS) took me to blogs, mil-blogs and BLACKFIVE where I learned about the need for warm kid's clothing in Afghanistan, Patriot Guard Riders, Soldier's Angels, Vets for Freedom and a whole slew of great insights/war news (like from the great Michael Yon and Patti Patton-Badder of Soldiers Angels!) I was not getting via the TV. Matt...who's "baby" is and "he is" Black Five, got me doing things, instead of just being concerned. I was now taking action.. Through B5 I met (via comments and a few e-mails) guys like Uncle Jimbo (who Great Reader made Raff, and then gave me MUCHO good publicity!), Laughing Wolf, Subsunk and others. I was so hooked! Laughing Wolf , a jewel-in-the-rough media embed, who helped bring a deceased hero's dog home from Iraq to the hero's Gold Star Mom. B5's Mr Wolf of Gryphon Airlines had transport in the mid-east for LW and the pup! Thanks to Laughing Wolf, I met a guy I've been compared to but fall far below, Parkway Rest Stop's own Jimbo! Such channeling of Hillary and Nancy Pelosi that will have you howling with laughs or never returning again! You will find good people there. It was there (PRS) where I met a commenter/blogger named Erica. It was her who pushed me into this crap with her encouragement and a sense of humor that has to be as warped as mine. Thank you Erica, and thanks to all of you who stop by. Thank you all!

Ruv Yoo Looong Time,

JihadGene/Great Reader


Erica said...

You just keep doing what you're doing, because it's great...I'm surprised you weren't one of the pioneers of fact, WTF took you so long? Were you never told how brilliantly funny you are?

You should definitely get yourself a SiteMeter account...that way you can know who is coming to your site and what kind of traffic you are getting. But that's hardly important stuff (we all go through a thing in the beginning where we obsess over our traffic, because everyone wants to have as many hits as Glenn Reynolds and...not to take the wind out of your sales, but, it's not easy to garner 10,000 hits a minute the way he does.) Just keep doing it because you love doing it, and if not, then don't. I love it. Long time.

It's a fancy banner you got yourself there, too. My God, you're a natural! And trust me, I read you long time, too...I subscribed to you with a feed reader so I know when you update your site. We cool, Great Reader. We all hooked up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words and placing me in such excellent company such as Blackfive (special props to Matt and Laughing Wolf, both outstanding guys) and, yes, the Wiseass Jooette too (but don't tell her I said that).

Also thank you for finally firing up a brog and blinging some raffs to the brogosphere.

joated said...

I agree with Erica, keep the channels open (never know what or who might e out there trying to get a word in!) and the good stuff flowing and there will be all kinds of visitors.

JihadGene said...

Oh KWAP! Jimbo (Parkway Rest Stop) has reminded me "I'm forget Matt, the Daddy of Black Five"! YIKES!!!

And to Ericklaw, Jimbo, & Joated...Now hear this from
Pyongyang's/Chicago's Trinity United Church, I'm gives you these thankful words frum...the
Reverend KIM Jere-my-ass-JONG IL...

Hab to go! Must edit this post ASLAP!