Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Veterans Day! Let's Dance!

It's Veterans Day! If I had to remind you of this...then kindly remind me to kick you, dead-square, in your back azimuth. I served with many Vietnam Veterans and once in a great while, I heard of their pain. Thank all veterans. Some really need that. ALL are deserving. God bless all our troops past and present!


USA_Admiral said...

Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you for your service.

God Bless all those who have answered the call to defend our Freedoms.

Coffeypot said...

Great song, Gene and have a great Veterans Day. Thanks for seriving, I just wish it could have been on our side instead of Norf Ko Rea.

Six said...

Thanks Gene and thank you for your service my friend.

Kid said...

All the Best Gene. Smiles at Coffeepot.

There's just too much to say.

stopsign said...

Thank You for your Service!

Like the Song.