Friday, August 20, 2010

Jim Hanson Receives Job in Congress!

Rumor has it (via scuttle-butt.gorge) that BlackFive's very own former Special Forces Master Sergeant, Uncle Jimbo Hanson...has finally received a looong time sought-after position in the throbbing metropolis of Washington D.C.! That's right, folks...Jimbo is now rumored to be a "shoe-in" as an intern in Congressman Barney Frank's office!!! Pictured is Uncle "J" in the gold colored, Barney Frank approved, intern prospect blazer! When questioned about this rumor, Uncle "J" only said..."Don't ask...don't tell". JG;)


USA_Admiral said...

That job would require hazard pay and chem gear.

Teresa said...

Uncle J is a brave brave man.

LL said...

He needs to get the same shots he'd need for the Black Hole of Calcutta - and a MOP Suit.