Thursday, June 24, 2010

Joe Biden on Law and Odor

Is that right? They were playing a game, were they? As I understood it, they were inside a bar when this act of insubordination took place! What? It was near a school snackbar? They were schoolgirls jumping rope and singing when I was disrespected? Now give it to me straight-up...what did the reporter for the Rollin' Stoned hear them sing?

Teddy bear , teddy bear ,
Touch the ground ,
Teddy bear , teddy bear ,
Turn around ,
Teddy bear , teddy bear ,
Walk upstairs ,
Teddy bear , teddy bear ,
Say your prayers,
Teddy bear , teddy bear ,
Turn down the light,
Joe Bite-Me Biden
He ain't right."

Send those little Lady Ga Ga's to my office with their big fu@king deal of a rope!!!


buffalodick said...

That last photo confuses me...

pamibe said...

Immature coneheads?

Snarky Basterd said...

"Joe Bite-Me Biden
He ain't right"

That line elicited much food splattering on my laptop screen.

Well done.

The_Kid said...

Bite Me Biden looks like Agent Maxwell Smart in that picture. hahaa
Now that's a big fukkin deal !

Anonymous said...

OK, now tell me that you think what McCrystal said about Biden was correct, come on everyone knows that Biden is the Village Idiot :)

Frankie said...

That last photo confuses me...