Friday, March 12, 2010

A Friday KIM Jong IL Special Report!

Well, hell-row there you heathens!!! Great Reader KIM Jong IL here for JihadGene. I'm gives you update on Gene's blamboo flow (bamboo floor). The flow is rooking good but is ownree two turds done. Much work at Gene & Kim's Mom & Prop store "Fashion Thug". Many lower in-come customers bring $ to spend on pantsonthegroundurbanwear and Du-rags and bandanas and T shirts with area codes on them, thanks to tax refunds they no pay taxes for, so Gene and the ruvly Kim make dinero. Is a good thing. Is Americlaw a great place or what?! JihadGene no blog lately looong's funny how time slips away when you are so bidgee. Since today is a Flyday...let's dance to KIM Jong Il's favorite singer...ELVIS!!! This is KIM Jong IL, signing off floor now.
Ruv you LOOONG time!!!


USA_Admiral said...

Thanks for the report Great Reader.

I humbly request that you tell Gene to take it easy.

innominatus said...

Maybe Gene should hire some irregal ariens to help install the blamboo flowing.

leeann said...

We ruv you rong time too!

The_Kid said...

Time do be slip, slipp, slippin away. - Steve Miller

All the best Gene. Hey whaddya think of Jihad Jane ? I'd sue if I was you.

Omnibus Driver said...

A little Blamboo Bloogie, just for you!