Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!!!

I ruv looong time the way our US Armed Forces move! So get up outta that chair and dance with our troops doing "I Love the Way You Move" a remake by Outcast. Gotta song? Leave it in comments and let's dance! It's Friday, have a great weekend Great Reader style!!!


Kanani said... made the newspaper today! Apparently someone wants The Hague to bring charges against greeeeat dictaaaatorrrr for crimes against humanity! Ha ha!!!

JihadGene said...

You nose it Kanani and tank you berry much!!!

Vixen said...

OH GREAT READER, that was one of the best you have ever posted. Even my anti-computer, but pro military husband came over watched the entire thing and said it was great. Now we both ruv u loooong time.

tankerblabe said...

How in the world do you find this stuff?

Those guys got some great moves great leader.