Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Loser Pointed Out by KIM Jong IL

Dear Readers,
This guy is a loser and why the Repubrickcan Party are all a bunch of losers!

Ruv you LOOONG time,
Great Reader KIM Jong IL


The_Kid said...

I can only hope John McCain was in his home state at a town hall. If he is anywhere else that means he thinks he has some sort of chance at gaining national attention again and would prove beyond a doubt that he is certifiably insane.

Thank you for your service John, but that's as far as it goes now.

I don't believe Obama knows anything about American history or details of American foundations like the Constitution, though I understand he was supposed to have been a constitutional law professor at Hahvahd.

The Dems haven't had any use for the constitution for Decades ! Hell, maybe centuries !
Honestly, who is JM trying to fool here ?

JihadGene said...

Kid- McLAME has proven to me, time and time again, that he will sit on his hands (and his OLD MAN ASS) and not do a thing! Dude can only rely on his war hero status for so long before someone like me (A VET) tells him to FU@K OFF! Old school Republican's (hear me Newt?) and Community Organizer's (hear me you ACORN Bitches?) must be tossed out on their asses! Free enterprise must be freed of all the bullshit government rules and horseshit regulations. Enough of my manure...what say you?

The_Kid said...

McCain is a RINO in the 1st degree. Even a Moderate Repub has never been elected.

What say me...
- The fact that the Repubs put up such a lame ass non-fight against Judge Sonia, a transparent as glass Racist (Wise Latina - said Many times and other statements) and Incompetent (66% of her decisions rejected by the Supreme Court, the last one by all freaking 9 of em.) tells me the repubs are as useless as a RINO running around trying to tell us Obama is an intelligent man who cares about America.

The Republican party is dead and I told them so on the latest survey form they sent me begging for money.

I wanted to stop talking about Oblama months ago, but every day he tops himself! The latest? Death Camps and your Mom is going to have to get by on Pain Pills ! After she worked her ass off contributing to the war effort, waited for her hero to come back home - hopefully in one piece - then gave birth to and raised as many fine young men as she could handle.

Revolution or enslavement is inevitable now in my opinion. If the non-health care gets pushed through, it will be sooner than later.

My head is spinning from all the kids, women, and even older people who fell for this plastic piece of garbage. That they see nothing wrong even yet is testament to their total brainwashing.

Regards economics, The Dems are following the path of FDR, which served to lengthen greatly the duration of the depression.

787 billion for stimulus and not a penny of it has resulted in a job for anyone who lost their jobs at banks, financial institutions, retailers, car dealers, etc etc, friggin etc.
They lie through their teeth about stuff that is so obvious it makes me want to swing a bat.

Until the zombies wake up there is little we can do.

The Zombies

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

You shouldn't make me laugh so loud when it's just me and the non-English-speaking janitors here in my workplace so late at night! I think I just scared the be-hay-soos out of them.

pamibe said...

Ruv YOU long time, Great Reader! Have no love for McLame at all. >:-(

buffalodick said...

The only thing a politician can save, is their own ass...

JihadGene said...

Kid- That was one of my favorite Bob Hope clips!

P.C.C.- Was it me or The Kid?

Pam- ruv yoo too!!!

Bdick- we are like minded!