Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comfort Comes in Many Forms

Here's a must read and have some tissue ready. It's funny how we take comfort in some things and disregard other things as unneeded, or of little use. In the war in Afghanistan, I would think comfort would come in the form of a letter, a shoulder squeeze, God's word, or something to eat. How about something to keep warm or cool with? I hadn't thought of comfort in the form of a musical instrument. Thanks to the Tankerbabe and a WWII Veteran named Mr Gist...I now know otherwise. Go to From Cow Pastures to Kosovo and keep our troops and their families in prayer.


Kid said...

Great Story JG.

FWIW. If he or anyone is interested in learning guitar, here are some great free Interweb lessons.


Very handy to learn early on.

Kid said...

PS. They also have all kinds of lessons in just about any music genre you're interested in. See video embed near top of story.

USA_Admiral said...

Great post Gene.