Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Dance!

Well, I had last Sunday off but not this Sunday. My lovely wife and my son are in Korea still. I gotta work at our clothing store... Fashion Thug. I work for my baby. I work my hands to the bone. I'll be a seven day fool for my wife anytime. She's worth it. She must have some kind of a Korean spell on my rear-end...maybe? A spell of RUV , no less! I really do love Kim and Ben. So while I work, I'll dance. I'll dance looong time! Dance with me now to the talented Jully Black singing "Seven Day Fool". For the music video you have to click HERE.
If you got a dance tune leave it in comments and I'll do a drive-by/dance-by. Let's dance!


Heli gunner Tom said...

Thanks for the comment on my: "TOM'S JOURNAL." With my political/ bible based views-- I am seeing a mass exodus from my web site... lol. I find myself reading so much these days that I fear my eyes are going bad.

I will soon post a video on the 'new' Amero coin/ currency that will befall America, and everyone will loose their pants/ savings/ investments.

Tom S
Vietnam Vet: 68-70
"Jesus is Lord."

JihadGene said...

HgTom- If China wants a world currency we have one. It's called gold.

Omnibus Driver said...

Here you go! A little Electric Boogaloo for you.

JihadGene said...

OBD- Thanks Leslie!

H2o said...

Let's Wang Chung tonight....

The_Kid said...

JihadGene - Here's some Cool Dance Music from 1966 baby.

The_Kid said...

Regards your wife and son, hers another Dancer from 1967 baby.

buffalodick said...

Been a long time since I boogied...

JihadGene said...

H2O- Chung that Wang!

Kid- Great choices! Ya cool jerk, you!

Buffalodick- One should boogie on a regular basis, standing or prone!

Heli gunner Tom said...

Thank you again for your interesting comment on my Blog. Please send me your email address so I can get more of your opinions and comments about CA's drought/ lack of water problem. BTW, I was raised on a beef, hog, and grain farm in WI.

Tom S
Wisconsin loves to eat beer battered Smelt!

Teresa said...

Hope you had a great weekend dancing JG and that there weren't too many lunatics shopping this last weekend.


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi Gene,

thanks for the E, I see we understand each other! :-)

I just read your post about Kevin Dupont and went to the link and oh my god! I am just so, so sorry for the hell he had to go through - and for nothing! I can really understand why he left the body and it's amazing how much he's put up with before that point!
People think an introduced coma is an acceptabnle state because the patient can't complain about it, but let me tell you, this is far from true!
I'm so sorry he had to suffer like that!

On a lighter note: do you really work in a fashion shop?
if that's true, then I understand why you have a need to get rid of you execc energy in form of all these weird posts...! :-)

Sweet that you think your wife is all worth it!

Your fashion posts... uha... well funny, but really scary! mind you steve martin looks good with those ears...

and since you like our scenery, here's what we've been up to , both in Sweden and denmark:


you can see on the pics how cold it still is in the middle of summer..., but imagine it's actually getting warm here now! the last two days have been pretty summer-like - who would have thought so?!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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