Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Susan Roesgen

It's pay-back time for Susan Roesgen, the Chicago Underhanded News Telecaster . Watch as Susan gets her C.U.N.T. creds shoved right back in her CNN face. HERE
(*Thanks to My Pet Jawa for this material)


none said...

I didn't think journalists were supposed to belittle and argue with who they interview.

The liberal media is taking a beating. We need to keep up the pressure.

JihadGene said...


Kid said...

She did say the 'state of Lincoln is getting 50 bln $ right'. Huh?

Anyway, those folks were a little too jazzed to make a really compelling statement back to the reporter imo.

We need some Robert F Buckley action coming down on these morons.

And we need to keep the pressure on the left - CNN and BBC were out in a big way yesterday in the news actively recasting the 'right wing' as a bunch on Nazi skin heads. Plus Napolitano with her veterans are potential terrorist comments.

And you could see it with this CNN chick, she started talking to the guy who was way too worked up and she wanted to just end her segment right there on the note that - "Well, you can see that these people are all just a bunch of whackjobs" and maybe she did for all I know. I'm not going to watch CNN to find out. After the article on right wing=Nazi skin heads what else do ya need.

pamibe said...

I just watched an interview she did with some obama activists a few months ago; she was extremely deferential and upbeat with those people. What a difference!