Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great Reader Fights Depression with Talent Show Thursday

Great Reader, KIM Jong IL here. Swines flew got you down? You maybe pissed off that Barack Whose-Named Obama has his 747 buzzing Nude York City and is talking smacks about American interrogation techniques? You gonna listen to that shits-head Vice President Joe Buydung and not fry on airplane because of swine's flu?? Or how about the Obama administration telling Crys-Lur to down-size while they grows government even more bigger and piss away more tax dollars?! Is frucked up, I'm tells you! Even I'm knows that way out here in Norfs Korea! You Amerricans needs some I, Great Reader, give to you... Joe Wong. You will enjoy him LOOONG time!!!


G-Man said...

Joe Wong is so funny as well Gene!

Thanks for the laugh....G

Anonymous said...;page=1

Here you go. Do not drink any fluids while looking at this.

Laughter is the best medicine. In all, they really do give us much to laugh about.


Cappy said...

This guy is funny. Who is the duck faced fool introducing him?

pamibe said...

He's hilarious; just wish I hadn't been sipping coffee while watching! LOL!

Elm said...

When he said something about having his first child, I thought he said "cow". And I was thinking, "Why are you in the hospital with your cow?"

And women do not nag! We point out the facts. Okay, we nag- sometimes.

Teresa said...

LOL - a threat... that one was great.