Thursday, March 26, 2009

Words Mean Things...Maggot

Meanwhile back at Camp Lejeune... we find some Drill Instructors in a bit of a quandary due to the changing political scene ...

D. I. JONES- So what do we call it, Gunny?

D.I. GUNNY - I'm not really sure but our Commander in wants it changed. You know, I've seen a lot of things in my beautiful US Marine Corps...had to roll with some hard punches, for sure...expect the unexpected...remain as fluid as the battlefield conditions...jumped through my ass on more than one occasion, and lived to tell about it...but...paying private insurance companies for wounds received in combat and now this, the "Global War On Terror" being changed to read "Oversea's Contingency Operation".

D.I.JONES- I realize all of that Gunny but what are we gonna call it now? Permanently dispatched? How about permanently dispatched?!

D.I. GUNNY- Naw. Sounds, like something someone in the motor-pool would say.

D.I.JONES- How about calling it "preforming a retro-active abortion"?

D.I. GUNNY- Naw. Sounds like birth control.

D.I.JONES- Well it really is, if you look at it that way.

D.I. GUNNY- I like the way you think outside the box and all, son, but...

D.I.JONES- Well...what the hell else are we gonna call killing the enemy?! Hey Gunny! Where you going?

D.I. GUNNY- I'm going to D.C. to rip Obama's balls off, so he cannot contaminate the rest of the world!

That is all.


Hammer said...

I thought jessie jackson was going to go to DC and do that.

pamibe said...

LOL! I like the way Gunny thinks!! :-D

Teresa said...

Too late he's already procreated... *sigh*