Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is for Friday

I will be on the road early Friday morning as I am attending the funeral of US Army 1LT Daniel B. Hyde in Modesto with the Patriot Guard Riders. He was a member of the 25th Infantry Division as was I, many years previously. My son Ben, age 13, suggested this song by Kid Rock. Please pray for all those who LT Hyde served with, loved, and left behind.JG out.


Anonymous said...

Great kid, that Ben!

Good song.

Have a safe ride. Thanks for doing that for those of us who can't be there at events like that.

I'll pray for him and his family.


Anonymous said...


Richmond said...

Prayers on the way...

tammi said...

Prayers going, and I went to the site and downloaded this song.

That son of yours is a pretty impressive young man! He has great taste in music!