Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Streets of Bakersfield

The good Lord will forgive my heathen butt for not showing up in church today as I am off to hit the open road a little early in order to attend this here shin-dig for the Wounded Heroes Fund . Got the word from some Patriot Guard Rider friends down that way. All kinds of bikers are meeting at the Harley Davidson Shop then heading on over in mass to the dinner. American flags and motorcycles galore....all for a great cause..... OH HELL YES!!! (sorry Lord)


Anonymous said...

In honor of your sore kiester, I wrote a check to the Disabled American Vets and to the Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks for the reminder.


bx19 said...

You picked the right *church* to visit.
The Good Lord will forgive you.

JihadGene said...

DB- Another reason to love ya looong time all the more!

Wee Dram or Three- Thanks. I was blessed.