Sunday, March 8, 2009

Secretary of State Gives Gift to Great Reader KIM Jong IL

Dear Americans,

Please be informed that the Great Reader, KIM Jong IL, DickTater of the glorious starving people of North Korea thanks you... the American people.... and Hillary Clinton, from the bottom of his stroke-free great heart for the Wii set with buttons! Great Reader received it via the Chinese only hours ago and has already taken the Wii fitness test. It pleases me to inform you that the slim and trim Dicktater KIM Jong Il's Wii fitness age is 18 years old! Admittedly though our Great Reader was hoping for a Playstation 3 as the old Playstation 1, given him by Madame Albright, is pretty-much shot-out.

General (Seven Star) Wang
DPRK, Norf Korea


Anonymous said...

I read she gave him a book on ancient Korean Treasures, with the inscription inside..

Dear Leader, Kim Jon Il, Dong-mogo

It was supposed to translate to "Great Friend" but it apparently was off the mark...

As she gave him the gift, she shook his hand and said. Dear Kim Jong, K-sa-key, which didn't translate well either.

Guess it coulda been worse!


buffalodick said...

Let's shoot their satellite down, and get our economy jump started!

G-Man said...

Is General Wang a straight-up guy?

JihadGene said...

GMan- As Rowen was to Martin!