Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Friday (really). Let's Dance!

My good luck 0r hang-oon (Korean speak) just ain't been all that good this week. Yesterday I woke up happy that it was a Friday. Some or many of you may have noticed it was not. Now my wife, the lovely Kim, has just announced that I have to go to work early today. Basically I'd rather take an ass-beating but I will dutifully go and sell to the masses who want to steal shit from our store. The highlight of my day is kindly ejecting homeless types who straight-up stank and want to try on clothing....EEEeeeeewww! What I'm saying is that my ju-ju/karma/mojo/magical-mustache- powers seem to have no affect on the world in which I live, or in Washington D.C. Maybe I'll have better luck on Ebay. It's Friday, I dance anyway. I'm sorry if I sniped an item out from under you. No, I don't care if you've been the highest bidder all week. I feel like crap. I need a victory and a drink!


pamibe said...

Happy Friday!! Hope you sell lots 'o merchandise to the smelly peeps!!

Teresa said...

OMG - ROFLMAO - excellent. I needed a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Dunno Worry JG. California ain't gonna be around much longer anyways.

In the meantime, have some fun with the smelly ones.

Blame it on Obama.

Send em all the way across town where Obama workers have Free Merchandise just like what's in your store.

Tell em free sex therapy is available 28 miles east of Bakersfield, courtesy of Obama.

Tell em Pelosi is having a huge - everyone is invited- party at her residence in San Franbiscuits that will last an entire week.

Tell em the police were just in there looking for people that look just like THEM, and they said they'd be back after lunch and that was an hour ago....