Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In-Law News

Attention! You're Attention please! THIS IS A KOREAN VISITOR UPDATE!

My Bro-In-Law, KIM U Jin (AKA- Mr Fix-It, Mr Neversitstill) has returned to South Korea and I am proud to announce the following things have been fixed, altered, otherwise repaired, and or replaced...

At Our Home: Light fixtures replaced (three of 'em). One was single bulb type with a pull string. Cost? $3.99. The other two were fluorescent 4 tube jobs that went over the bar and in the laundry room. The old ones would take forever to light up and I am tall enough to tap on the sides of the fixture to get the tubes to light up. Cost? Zilch. I had them in storage from another business we used to own.
Mud hole at front entrance to home graded and filled with 3/4 of a yard of crushed rock. Drains good. Cost? $19 for rock.
Doorbell to front door replaced with a newer wireless one from Orchard Supply Hardware. This is the one that of course is made in China and chimes "jingle bells". I guess Orchard was all outta the one's that chimed "Happy Birthday to You"and "Here Comes the Bride". Stooopid stinkin' Commies! Cost? $29.99 + $4.99 for batteries.

At Our Store: 8 foot and 4 foot fluorescent tubes replaced. Please note that this is no easy task as some of these lights are like 16 feet up to the ceiling. I have two ladders in the store...one 11 feet high, the other is an 8 footer. How in the hell he got up to that height I can only guess and it scares the crap outta me. Click HERE. The wife won't tell me how he did it. I ain't asking. Cost? Around $75.
Replace ballast in one 8 foot light fixture. Cost $47.
Set up and anchor six large shelving units purchased from the bankrupt Mervyn's Department Store. Cost? $0 labor. About $7 of the bolts. ($300 for the six shelving units).
Re enforced a sagging shelf put up by crappy carpenter. Cost? $0.
Employee bathroom cleaned (yes he did that too!). Cost? $2.29 for Ajax.

I'm sure my Bro-In-Law did a lot more stuff but I can't remember it all. As far as the flight home... he is back in South Korea now and will be back on the job there shortly if not already working even as I type. I thought my Sister-In-Law was going home too but I was mistaken as she has entirely too much stuff... in what once was MY HOUSE... to clean, organize (as she see's fit), and hide away from me. I just love guessing where my stuff is now located. The house has never been cleaner, and she is a nice person, and a wonderful cook. I just have to learn to stay the hell out of her way to keep from getting trampled or elbowed to death when I'm in the kitchen with her. I think she was an All-Village Women's League Basketball star back home in Korea. Did I mention she's making kimbap for us today? I can deal with that looong time!!!


Omnibus Driver said...

When she's all done, can you send her to my house??? In fact, tell them they're both welcome to vacation in Chicago any time they want...

joated said...

Did the B-I-L pilot the plane on the way home? Or did he assist the flight attendants in their duties, clean the johns, swab down the galley, etc.

I can't believe he would have been content to merely sit for that long a flight.

Teresa said...

U Jin and his wife sound like quite the pair. Turn 'em loose in this country and they'd get it all cleaned up in a jiffy. Some people are good at that. LOL.

Anonymous said...

JG, Here's how I would have done it.



H2o said...

Bro in law... I need your help with a couple of light fixtures.

pamibe said...

I know they'd appreciate a nice Florida vacation... :-D

Heck, pretty soon we'll be bidding for their next vacation! LOL!

buffalodick said...

That guy did more in a vacation than my union ex brother-in-law ever did in his whole life!

JihadGene said...

OD- No relatives in the Chicago area at this time. Sorry.

joated- It was like a 10 and 1/2 hour flight back so he probably fixed the seats, trays, lights, AC,checked the emergency exits, did some wing-walking, then returned to his seat only after the stewardesses promised to put in a DVD of "This Old House".

T- They are great folks. Turn 'em loose in the Mojave Desert and they'd have the sand all raked nice and neat.

C_Bob It's ironic that you would show that photo as that is the kind of work he does back home with my other Brother-In-Law...installing and wiring lights for parking lots and roadways back in the R.O.K.

H2O- He would like to see Texas, he told me.

BD- Yep! The key word there is "UNION". I got it looong time.

Omnibus Driver said...

Whaddaya mean "no relatives in Chicago at this time"??? I'm adoptable, don't you think?

H2o said...

Come on... I have room!

rayanne said...

Next time send them to my house! I don't have an extra room, but your BIL will have one added on to the house in no time!