Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Attention American Aggressors

Dear American People,

I am instructed by North Korea's Great Reader KIM Jong IL to relay the following message...
(*Please note that the following message in NO way reflects the opinion of myself/General Wang, nor of the starving masses of North Korean people)

Deer War-Mongering-Tax-Doll'ah-Tossing-I-Pod-Ruving AMERICAN PIGS,

Greetings from Norf Korea's Great Reader, KIM Jong IL! Stop your war games now! You psychopathological hooligans, we will resolutely smash your desperate war moves! You shall be burned like a Republican voter stuck with that asshole, John McCain!! Your continuing war games in Souf Korea is going to be your one way ticket to a Nancy Pelosi manufactured Wall Street Bail Out in Hades!!! I'm shits you not! Me pissed off looong time!!! Now if you nose what is glood four you, you will lets me kindly launch my harmless weather satellite/ICBM/DeathRay in the direction of Hono-roo-roo in pineapple state of Hi-why-Eeee or towards Anklewage in Sarah PayWin's great state of I'lllaskya. Don't fruck with KIM Jong Il!!!

Ruv You LOOONG Time!!!
Great Reader, KIM Jong IL (D-CA)

P.M.S. Tell Hill-Ree Clinton I'm wants X-Blox 360, no f@#king Pong game like she send me last time! The blitch!

*The photo above is of peaceful and harmless North Korean "weather satellites" on parade.


pamibe said...

Nice 'weather satellites', Great Leader. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have analyzed this photo in great detail and have concluded the construction specifications of these wockets, I mean rockets, will result in immediate failure upon launch.

Same thing happened to me back when I was a wascally wascal. Audio of Event

- Marvin