Thursday, February 5, 2009


1st off...I'm wants to thank LL over at Chromed Curses for this heads up!
In the newz is a Korean Grandmother (Harmonie)...age 68... who has taken the Korean driving test sum 771 times and flucking failed 771 times! She is studying for number 772 even as I'm keyboard this boo0shit! Now I'm knows why so many South Koreans, turned American, voted for Baalack WhoseNamed OBLAMA! She should do like JihadGene's wife did....test in Virginia Beach,Virginia when she was 22...looking like she was 16...and smiled a lot at the DMV grader, who was a retired and horney Navy SQUID!


Maeve said...

Your wife is a very smart woman.

Anonymous said...

That grandma wanna-be-driver must REALLY be a horrible driver. I guess they're looking for reason 723 to keep her off the road. She seems a bit persistent, though.

pamibe said...

771 times? I bet they love to see her coming! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I tested at 16 . . . well, 15 actually, wore a short skirt, a very short skirt. Screwed everything up and then passed. . . short skirt!