Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meanwhile back in Washington D.C.

The votes are in and we won. So fuck all that bi-partisan bullshit!
-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi


Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, who in the hell wants government to be Bi-partisan.

The Dems are socialists and the Red team claim to be Capitalists. Why would anyone want them trying to work together??

I want someone promising me that they will reach across the aisle and punch Harry Reid in the face until he starts crying like a little baby - or like he did most days in grade school.

And go in everyday and throw mud on Pelosi's shoes. Cause you can't hit chicks ya know.

And then go over and grab Murtha by the ears and toss him out int eh street and lock the door so he has to go all the way around the building without his coat to get back in.

Stick an open jar of fire ants under Kennedy's desk. If he's there. If not, no doubt the ants will find worthy victims nearby.

Kerry's never there so just put a life size cutout of Herman Munster in his seat.

Put a sign on McKinney's old chair that says "Where's Buckwheat"

That's what I'm talkin about!


Teresa said...

I see Nance is looking particularly lovely today... new make up? Or did her plastic surgeon pay another visit?

H2o said...


Looks like my neighbor.