Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dogs Know

Not only do I hear the voice of KIM Jong Il, in my haid, but my dogs send me telePAWthic signals all the time! A person would be wise to heed a good dog's advice. Hug looong time to my blog dog "One for the Road" who I took this from. JG ;)


Anonymous said...

o - Why do people yell at their dogs when dogs can hear about 100 times better than us. Just makes ya look like foolish.

"Dude, like I can hear ya....take a breath... actually you might try a breath mint as well cause I can also smell 100 times better than you."

o - If their sense of smell is so good, which it is, why do they look all innocent when you look at them and ask - Did you fart?

Dogs are tricky.


Richmond said...

Yup - that dog gives good advice right there... ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, JG, I needed that today. I really did.


Evil Transport Lady said...

I use our dogs to judge newcomers to our house. If the kids would bring in a new friend and the dogs didn't like them, then I didn't either. They were right on the money everytime:)

Jean said...

ha...that's damned good advice, right there!