Thursday, September 25, 2008

KIM Jong IL Suspends Blog in Wake of US Economy Woes

Pyongyang Convalescent Home, DPRK-
Beloved Great Reader KIM Jong Il has ohfishwally announced the suspension of his World Famous and Feared brogg GREAT READER, in a show of support for Senator John Wayne McCain's debate suspension with Illynoise Senator, Baalack Who's-Named Obama. The strong and heathly-as-a-young-bull, KIM Jong Il, in his infinite wisdom has said, "Hey! I can do that shit!" KIM further stated that until America's hard-working-mortgage-and tax-paying-Middle-Class-citizens decide to kick down with more of their tax dollar dinero ($) for the rich, that he, Great Reader KIM Jong Il, ain't blogging for some time. Kim said, "I've had it up to here (pointing to his navel) with the American middle class tax payers not paying their fair share for the rich! If a rich man needs money for world class healthcare and a sixth vacation home...then so be it. Rich man play hard. Need money. Middle Class takes out loans from nice rich man and pays him back + interest, taxes, shipping and handling fees. Rich guy nice to middle class. Easy to see. Middle class owes rich guys bligg time! If US Tax dollars good enough for Lee Iacocca it good enough for T. Boone Pickins and Warren Buffett. Now pay up Sucka's".

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