Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Great Reader Calls For Spiritual Leader. Gets Wrong Number! by jihadgene

And now, back to our Norf Korean story, and Great Reader KIM Jong IL...

KIM- Okray General Wang! Give me seekrit phone with the rotary-dial.

WANG- Here, Great One.

KIM- (Kim dials)

(Ziiiiip...clicka, clicka, clicka, click. Ziiiiip...clicka, clicka, clicka, clicka, click...Zzzip...get the idea?)

(five minutes later)
KIM- Final-wee! Great Reader's fing-ah be sore now. Man, you'd think our Norko WeSearch and Development Deplartment, could put push-buttons on this damn ting!

WANG- Phone ringing ,Sir?

KIM- Yup, phone is bling-ing alright. Somebody answer in Chicago, preeze! Good, somebodys has picked up da phone.

VOICE (on phone to KIM) : Chinese troops, they have... blah-blah-blah... beating and shooting and killing! BLAH-BLAH-BLAHHH! BANG!! BAM-BAM-BAM! KA-POW!!!

KIM- So slorry! Wong numba.

WANG- What was that Sir?! I heard, gunshots, yelling & screaming!

KIM- I'm was axidently dial wong number.

WANG- Where was that, Great Reader?

KIM- Near as I'm can figures it was the "Dollie-Rama's" office in Tibet. That... or just another day-in-the-wife of Hill-Ree Clinton, pissed at BILL again.

WANG- Yes, the Dalai Lama. My money is on Tibet, Great One. The Chinese have really screwed up.

KIM- Wang, your stoopidity nose no bounds! Look on the blight side!

WANG- Look on bright side, Your Greatness?

KIM- Sure! If it was Tibet, then Peace-Ruving US of A and all of theirs ass-krissin friends no go to the 2008 Summertimes OHRIMPICKS.


KIM- Sooo's the PYONGYANG-PING-PONG-PADDLER'S are a shoe-in for the GOLD!!!!

WANG- Very good, Sir.

KIM- Okray. Back to phoning of "SPIRIT-URINAL ADDWISER"! Wonder what is country code for the North-Side of Chicargo?....

*inspiration for this piece, brought to you by cyber-bud, deltabravo , who commented- "I'm grateful for the laughs in the midst of some not very funny subjects". Ain't it the truth DB? Ain't it the truth?JG

(To be continued, you April fools) JG


Teresa said...

Dial phone... he knows my parents does he. My father always said those things would last forever (since theirs is 40 years old and still going strong I guess he was right) *grin*

Anonymous said...

When visiting the Bravo grandparents, some of my children had to be instructed in how to use that phone with the round thing that spins. They can take photos and type novels with their own phones and send them to computers and other phones all over the country, but they all stood around looking at the Bravo's red dial phone and were helpless to make it go "bling."


Teresa said...

LOL - Deltabravo - I've seen that happen too... isn't it a hoot.